This Way, That Way (Pinche Guey) – AH011

Alt Hawk Episode 11. Originally released March 2, 2016.

It’s episode 11! We have our first discussion about Fuller House! Also, there’s mafia talk, aimless political rambling, Tejano music with secret messages, and fantastic new inventions! We accept no responsibility for the things we say on this show. Enjoy!

Up Shit Creek With a Barbie Car (O Canada) – AH010

Alt Hawk Episode 10. Originally released February 24, 2016.

Double digits! In this episode we talk party movies, Jon’s pizza problem, and Kenny’s dreams of Canada. Also we start beef with Drake and Eskimos. Enjoy!

Beat Off & Cry (With a Monkey’s Paw) – AH008

Alt Hawk Episode 8. Originally released February 10, 2016.

In today’s episode we sing and talk about the magic of masturbation. We also talk Saturday morning cartoons, 80’s action sports movies, and get a very very special story from Jon. Enjoy!

The Don’t Make Sense Like That No More (That Banana Chicken) – AH005

Alt Hawk Episode 5. Originally released January 20, 2016.

It’s the fifth episode of Alt Hawk and it’s time we had a serious discussion about Anime! Also, we hook you up with an unforgettable recipe and Kenny has an earth-shattering idea. Enjoy!